{past projects}

some visual examples of what i've been doing recently:

painting from a silhouette print series i did in college

new fascination with old matchbooks!

LOVE those old ads

kept this one for my guest bathroom

peacock pillows! some still available!

custom painting for a friend, this is not where it's hanging, this pic is for size reference

cowl scarf i crocheted last year, with my gorgeous sister modeling for me

my own wedding bouquet

toddler dress made from vintage embroidered pillow case, still have tons of those to make

picture of the mural i did with some of my high school kids while student teaching!

pillows made from old sacks

pillow with a doile and a potholder on it ;) haha turned out pretty good i think

birdie pillows! made from a clearanced table cloth from target

painting for my friend, it's in her gray/silver/black/white bathroom above the mirror

salt n pepa

vases were mauve when i found them. sick!

this was navy when i got it, it has new life with white paint and a purpose in my kitchen

the flasks i engraved for my bridesmaids!

re-doing an old mirror

i visited a candle-making and glass-cutting phase for a few weeks. i have a feeling i'll end up back there

custom flower-girl bucket!!

birdie painting. i still love this one.

small scarflette!! handmade buttons too