it's simple. you need something done, i can do lots of things. anything i do is $15/hour + materials. check out the {client requests} page for some examples, OR just ask! i have had lots of people come to me with random ideas or projects, and i haven't turned anyone down yet.

if i'm not familiar with what you need done, i'll learn it and i don't charge for my own "learning time." i'm a great source for gifts! some ideas off the top of my head are:

~decorative pillows
~quilts or blankets
~duvet covers
~invitations or announcements
~general house decor
~toddler dresses made from vintage embroidered pillow cases!
~all things vintage

contact me through the blog here or at kassieopeia@gmail.com

long story short, i went to art school and have a passion for teaching myself new things. i'm always taking on new projects for my own home, just for fun, and because then i can get what i WANT and not what i CAN GET elsewhere.
i look forward to hearing your ideas! come back soon :)